Monday, December 27, 2010

Just for the run of it…

Ok…here it is the announcement of my 2011 goal for training.

     2.5 million (2,500,000) heart beats while training.

Last year, I eclipsed my goal of 1200 miles of running with over 1550 miles. What I didn’t count were the hours spent on my bike. I don’t have a computer on my bike, and I spend the vast majority of bike time on the stationary trainer. So I have been inputting my times, average heart rates, and perceived efforts, but not taking credit for the mileage.

Finally, I have figured out a way to track it. Heart Beats. I now religiously wear my monitor, and it gives me an average HR, so with some simple math, I have a way to track my training. Don’t worry, I will still be keeping track of my runs, so you will all have that to look forward to hearing about…but the accompanying tally will be in Heart Beats.

I intend on keeping this blog up to date with, at the least, weekly updates on my goals, successes and failures. I also get a lot of questions about injuries, how to start running, or training, and general fitness…I will try to answer those here…so message me those questions on Facebook and I will try my best to answer…anonymously if you are bashful…

The last purpose of this blog is inspiration. Everyone I talk to says that sometimes they lack the motivation to get moving. Lots of Facebook friends say that my posts about crazy runs, or intense sessions motivate them…I try to tell them all that I feel the same way. I talk about it to motivate myself, and I also get a lot out of reading about other people’s success for the same reason. So…send me your race reports, your training reports…your amazing successes, and your miserable failures. We can all laugh, learn, and have fun along the way!

So Follow me, friend me, recommend me to your friends and followers.

Next post: 2010 Harrisburg Marathon Race report…

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  1. jeffy!! you know that i'm freaking busting with pride. you are amazing.