Tuesday, March 1, 2011

At least its not CRACK…

Good bye February, I hardly knew ya! 184,984 heart beats…again just a little below my goal, but I will take it. So here comes March…its going to be a better month I can feel it…

February was a challenge…it was COLD and WINDY…(I don’t like either). If someone can find me a place that is 60 degrees year round, I am there! As for training, I don’t feel like I have hit my stride…the weather, and my sleeping in, have kept me from getting to the Y for morning sessions…so I have been pretty much limited to lunch runs, evening trainer rides and the weekend long run…(ok…that might sound like enough or even a lot to some, but I feel like I should be doing more…I’ll talk more about addiction later – but as my friends put it: at least its not CRACK.)

Motivation has been a tough for me this year. I think that part of it is that I haven’t signed up for a race yet…I have plans, but because the card hasn’t been charged, I can let it slide…so…here is the plan, enter the two races I have planned for this spring, and get refocused.

May 1st is the Inaugural running of the North-South Marathon in Gettysburg PA…the gimmick is that its two courses that run the first two miles together then split and come back together for the final two miles. Your course is dictated by your home states allegiance during the Civil War. Then less than a week later, is the Frederick MD ½ Marathon.

The plan isn’t to PR either of them, just have a good time.

February statistics –
     Running - 97.80 miles (I know…2.2 miles…if I had known…)
     Bike (Trainer time) – 7:17:04
     Swim – 1500 meters

     Total time logged - 22:52:28

March Goals –
     Running – 100+ miles
     Bike – 10 hours
     Swim – 6000 meters (sad, I used to do that much in a morning practice)

Hopefully the weather will cooperate this month and I can start getting outside more.

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  1. When you figure out a solution for the motivation, let me know! I am already signed up for 3 races and still can't find the stupid lil' bug...